rethink educational newsletter on how to start using cbd guidelines

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ReThink Educational Newsletter on How To Start Using CBD Guidelines

ReThink Educational Newsletter – How To Start Using CBD / Guidelines

Many of our customers reach out to us and ask “How much CBD should I take?” and other questions concerning dosage and usage of our products. cbd for pets

We thought we would help by outlining our general recommendations and provide a guideline that can help you make better decisions.

How to Start Using CBD

Dosage Guidelines

This is where the “How much CBD should I take?” question comes into play. Below are some general guidelines of how many milligrams (mgs) you may want to take daily.

Higher Dosages for Individuals with Autoimmune Disorders and Pain

We’re often asked about higher dosages of our tincture oils so lets review the reasons why that might make sense. Most adults should start with a 500mg bottle of Tincture Oil so that you’re getting about 17mg of CBD per day as a basis to begin with. As recommended we talk about using a ½ dropper, 2x per day to be effective.[Read More]

This works for most people, but there are a few factors to consider! If you’re suffering from chronic pain, or if you have an autoimmune disorder like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or diabetes, you may be considering a higher dosage to help your system achieve balance. [Read about different kinds of arthritis here] For individuals like this, you may want to consider starting with a 1000mg Tincture Oil.

Tincture Oil Dosage Per Bottle

To understand what daily dosage you’re getting with a higher strength bottle of tincture oil, use this simple math to find out how much CBD you’ll get with a full (1ml) dropper. Bottle mg content / 30ml = cbd per full dropper. Example: 500mg bottle: 500mg / 30 = 17mg per dropper

1000mg / 30ml bottle = 33mg per dropper

2000mg / 30ml bottle = 66mg per dropper

3000mg / 30ml bottle = 100mg per dropper

Note From A Customer …

Dear ReThink,

My Daughter (Joni) is 18 years old and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. Her condition lies within the middle range of the Autism spectrum. Michael on your team provided me samples of the CBD drops for my daughter and I began giving to her on a consistent basis after consulting with her neurologist.

Within a month my wife and I began seeing positive changes in her behavior. Here are some examples:

She suffers from seizures and takes prescription medication to control them. Prior to giving her the ReThink CBD drops, I mentioned to her neurologists I had done research on the benefits of CBD with special needs individuals and was considering for my daughter. He told me it was a great idea and gave me the endorsement to give to my daughter in addition to her prescription medication

Joni always carried a sock around the house to dangle as a coping mechanism. She no longer carries around a sock and didn’t replace it with any other object

Her teachers asked me if anything had changed at home because they noticed a higher level of engagement in her school work & activities. I informed them we began giving Joni CBD. To top it off, my daughter was voted student of the month for December!

They’re many other milestones I could mention but these are the big ones. Feel free to post this testimony on your site. Many parents with special needs children like myself are looking for non-prescription options for our children. Once we find a product that works, we’re going to purchase on a consistent basis.



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Ask Your Doctor!

We have met with a number of physicians who are actively working with their patients and talking about CBD. Many doctors are interested in helping their patients use natural products and gain the benefits of them compared to prescription medications that may have side effects and unintended consequences.

Take the opportunity when you’re speaking with your doctor to tell them what CBD products you take and how it’s helping you. They may be able to help you avoid any possible interactions and reduce other medications that you may be taking.

Our whole team at ReThink is made up of people from many walks of life, and we’re all active in the conversation about CBD. We wanted to share more information with you about what health and wellness aspects that our products can positively impact.

We will send newsletters every month with a different health and wellness topic related to CBD. We welcome your feedback –send any notes to us

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